NIU Career Development Skill Building Directory

What you can do at NIU to develop career skills.


Career Development is a puzzle. Each piece is important to future career success. While your major is a critical piece, interpersonal and technical skills are equally important. According to Job Outlook 2014, by National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) the skills identified below are among those most sought after by employers. 

For each skill area below, you will find on- and off-campus activities where you can enhance these skills. Select one or two activities and get started! Be sure to include these on your resume and mention them in your interviews.

Walk-in Resume and Interview assistance is available at the Career Resource Center (Campus Life Building, Room 235) daily from 8:00-430, or call 815-753-1641 to schedule a Career Advising appointment.

*Model for this Directory was developed by the "Wake Forest University Career Center."