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Get Connected: Social Media and Your Job Search


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Social Media - It’s not just for fun anymore

NIU students should use social media to help network with NIU alumni and future employers and find internship and job opportunities.  As you use social media sites, like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter, you should keep these tips for success in mind:

Be Safe

  • Google yourself.  Search by your full name and all variations of your name.  See what your search results say about you.  No information or negative information is bad.  Set up a Google Alert and receive an email notification anytime your name is mentioned online. 
  • Delete content from all your social media accounts that might damage your reputation.  Ask friends to remove embarrassing information/posts/photos of you. 
  • Understand the privacy settings for all of your social media accounts.  Keep up with changes to privacy policies and Terms of Service.  View your profile from a friend’s perspective to see what is public and what is private. 
  • Keep your professional social media presence professional and your personal life private.  Personal information like birthdate, home address, phone number, and private details should never be included in your online profiles. 
  • Think twice, post once.  Or not at all.  Use sound judgment and think of the consequences of over-sharing information online. 
  • Use hard-to-guess passwords and make sure your security software is up to date on all of your devices.    

 Develop Your Online Reputation

  • You must be on LinkedIn.  More and more employers are using LinkedIn to advertise postings, connect with potential candidates, and screen candidates.  Spend quality time completing your LinkedIn profile, join groups, follow professionals in your field, and contribute to conversations. 
  • Be a joiner.  Follow the Twitter feed of employers you want to work for.  Join LinkedIn groups relevant to your industry.  Follow the blogs of professionals in your field.  Like Facebook pages.  Subscribe to YouTube channels.
  • Be active.  After you’ve joined, engage in the conversation.  Develop your positive online presence through blogging, pinning, sharing, commenting, and liking within online social networking communities related to your career goal.  Thoughtful comments will appear in your search results and will show that you are engaged in your career development and job search.  No digital presence can be as bad as a negative digital presence.  

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For more assistance and strategies for social media, come to the Career Resource Center (CRC), located in the Campus Life Building, Room 235.