Additional Resources


  • FOCUS 2 is an extremely useful career guidance system that can help you with academic and career decision-making.
  • FOCUS 2 includes career tests that assess your interests, skills, personality, and values to help determine academic and career possibilities.
  • This system also allows you to gain information on more than 850 potential occupations.
  • Use FOCUS 2 independently or in conjunction with a career counselor from Career Services.
  • If you are a new user to FOCUS 2, follow these instructions:

Enter "huskies" as the access code.

Enter the appropriate information, and create a username and password.

Click here to go to the FOCUS 2 website.

  • If you have used FOCUS in the past, follow these instructions:

Click here to go to the FOCUS 2 website.

Enter your username and password in the box labeled “FOCUS 2 Login for Northern Illinois University”

  • If you experience difficulty using FOCUS 2 or for more information, contact Career Services at 815-753-1641.