Careers in K - 12 Education

Careers in K - 12 Education

  1. Writing résumés, cover letters, reference sheets
  2. Preparing your self-managed credential file
    A credential file is a professional folder that students/alumni can establish. Many employers request a credential file during the hiring process. Your credential file may contain the following items:
    • Résumé
    • Three to five Reference Letters
    • NIU Transcript
    • Transcripts from other educational institutions attended
    • Student Teaching Evaluations (automatically forwarded to Career Services)
    • Reference page
    • Copies of Certifications

  3. Practice interviews/interviewing
    • Consult the Education Employment Guide for sample questions that employers may ask and questions that you can ask employers
    • Schedule a practice interview with a principal, department chair, or a Career Services Counselor

  4. Researching school districts
  5. Locating openings and deciding where to apply
    • Consult the Education Employment Guide for a list of the Regional Offices of Education Web sites where jobs are listed for each section of the state
    • Register with Huskies Get Hired! and upload/publish your resume so that it can be viewed by administrators
    • Consult the Education Employment Guide for factors to consider in your job search

  6. Evaluating job offers
    • Obtain a copy of the district's salary schedule
    • Use the chart in the Education Employment Guide to compare job offers and make the choice that is best for you

  7. Attending job fairs
    • Check this Web site for information on the Mid-America Educators' Job Fair and for notices of other job fairs specifically for educators