Job Search Tools

Careers in Education Administration

(Principal, Superintendent)

  1. Writing a curriculum vitae and cover letter
    • Meet with a career counselor to develop a vitae/cover letter to match the position description. 
    • E-mail draft copies of your job search materials to for a review and feedback. 
  2. Writing a statement of teaching philosophy 
  3. Completing a credential file 
  4. Practice interviews/interviewing 
    • Consult with a career counselor to discuss typical higher education interview preparation, formats, and questions. Conduct research on components of an interview. 
    • Schedule a practice interview with a Career Services Counselor. 
  5. Researching employment possibilities 
    • Go to the Major Weblinks section on Colleges, Universities, and Grad School Information to locate useful Web sites. 
    • Visit the Web sites of the individual institutions to which you are applying; read all information carefully to become as familiar as possible with the institution. 
  6. Making an employment decision