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A Step-by-Step Guide for Preparing Self-Managed Credentials

What are self-managed credentials?

A self-managed credential file consists of signed reference letters that are collected, maintained, administered, and sent by you directly to prospective employers.

Credentials are used by employers to help them decide which candidates to interview or hire. Your NIU self-managed credential file should include the following documents:

  1. Complete self-managed forms
    • Cover Page –  Word Document or PDF
      This document serves as the first page of your credentials packet. Open and save the file (at top right) to your hard drive, fill in the appropriate information, and print or submit as an electronic attachment. 
    • Candidate Data PageWord Document or PDF
      This is a document that shows your name and contact information, major, certifications, endorsements, colleges attended, and graduation date. Open and save the file (at top right) to your hard drive, fill in the appropriate information, and print or submit as an electronic attachment.

  2. Obtain unofficial copy of your NIU transcript, if desired

  3. Request three to five reference letters

  4. Obtain student teaching evaluations 
    Student teaching evaluations will be sent to Career Services by your program coordinator at the end of the student teaching experience. Upon request, documents will be scanned by Career Services into your Huskies Get Hired! account documents folder. You can access and download your student teaching evaluations by logging into your account. For immediate assistance or questions contact

  5. Submitting self-managed credential file to employers. 
    • Submit your credential file when requested by the employer. Typically this occurs during the application process.
    • Contact the employer if you don't know what to send. 
    • Submit materials in the format requested by the employer.

      DO NOT send paper copies, if the employer requests that all materials be submitted electronically. 

      If the employer requests that application materials be submitted via U.S. mail, copy or download materials and place all materials in a 9x12 mailing envelope. Type the address labels. We recommend you send materials with "return receipt requested."
    • Keep a record of where, when, and to whom you have sent your application materials.

  6. Obtain help in completing my self-managed credential file 
    • E-mail with specific questions. 
    • Contact Career Services at (815) 753-1641 with specific questions.

For additional information on self-managed credentials and reference letters, transcripts, resumes, etc., refer to the “Frequently Asked Questions.”
Print a checklist for completing an application packet.