Job Search Resources

Before You Interview, Do Your Homework

Employer research is the single most important step in preparing for any interview. Know about a company's products or services, its markets, and its competitors. Have a pretty good idea about how the job for which you are applying would contribute to a company's goals. If you don't know about these things, you won't interview well and you won't get the job.

The Career Services Guide provides an extensive bibliography of useful research publications that are available in the CRC and Founders Memorial Library.

The Internet is rapidly becoming the most important source of information about potential employers, and most of the employers who recruit at Northern have websites that give thorough descriptions of their businesses. Visit the company websites to find out more information.

Also, available through Victor eRecruiting is a Hoovers employer search tool that provides additional company information. To access this, logon to Vic and choose the "Experience" tab on the gray toolbar. Select "Your Experience" from the drop down list and this will direct you to the Experience home page. On the right side you will find the Hoovers employer search tool.