Internship & Co-ops

Terms & Policies

Internship: A one-semester or summer paid or volunteer work placement.

Co-op: A paid work placement of at least two semesters or summers.

  • Alternating: Alternates a semester of full-time work with a (Full-time option) semester of full-time on-campus study.
  • Parallel: Combines a part-time work assignment [15-20 (Part-time Option) hours per week] with on-campus study (minimum of 12 hours required).

Requirements for Internship/Co-op:

  • Minimum 2.0 GPA (or as required by academic division or employer).
  • Requires 120 on the job hours.
  • Must have completed 30 hours of academic credit.

University Recognition: A special notation on your official NIU transcript stating that you successfully completed a career-related work experience (or multiple experiences) documented by the Career Services office.

  • Contact Career Services before beginning the internship/co-op work experience.

Academic Credit: Can only be awarded through the academic department. See your academic advisor to find out if you qualify.