Internships & Co-ops

Find an Internship/Co-op

Looking for an internship or Co-op experience? Don't know where to start?

Click on the links below for services provided by the Career Services office. Below this list are suggestions for searching for positions on your own.

Finding an Internship on Your Own

Many students find Internships and Co-op positions by contacting employers directly, either by phone, e-mail, or in person. Contacting an employer directly displays your willingness to take the initiative in your internship search. Employers generally respect this in candidates. Faculty, family, friends, and NIU Career Services Counselors may suggest people for you to contact. Employer Web sites, print directories, and Web search engines are excellent resources.

You should develop a short phone script when calling employers to quickly explain your interests. If you plan to seek academic credit for your Internship or Co-op experience, be prepared to explain your academic department's requirements to the employer.

Your persistence and enthusiasm are two of the most important personal qualities you can demonstrate by contacting an employer directly.