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Protect Yourself from Internet Scams & Job Scams


Career-Related Online Safety: Watch for scam job posts & emails

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Career Services welcomes your questions related to job postings that cause concerns or appear suspicious. Nationally, scams have been targeting online job systems.

Understanding that cyber-scams are a reality, please exercise safety, along with a healthy degree of skepticism and caution, when using any online service; this includes any online job site.

If any of these situations occur to you, please contact Career Services immediately so we can assist you and to ensure the scam is not in our system:

  1. Requests for money (email or online): Do not send provide money, bank account, credit or debit card numbers to anyone.
  2. Checks sent to you: If you are sent a check to cash, DO NOT PAY / DO NOT CASH ANY CHECKS sent to you. Please contact NIU Career Services immediately 

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