Career Services Forms

CLB Equipment Set-up Form

  • You must complete this form in order to use the equipment listed below and BEFORE obtaining Career Services' equipment.
  • You are responsible to ensuring that use of the equipment complies with the policies and procedures of Northern Illinois University.
  • If you need to request IT support for a project, see the form on the N-drive located at N:\Data\WORD\CS\IT Needs\IT_Requests_2013.xlsm
* Name of Requestor:
* Requestor E-mail:
* Date of Presentation:
* Time of Presentation:
* Building and Room:
(eg: "CLB 222")

Equipment Requests:


HeadsetHeadset:                 ClickerClickers:

ProjectorProjector:                SpeakersSpeakers:

LaptopGoogle Chrome Book:WCWebcam:

Overhead ProjectorOverhead Projector:     RecorderVoice Recorder:



Other:(Please Specify Below

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