Career Services - Career Resources for the Classroom

Career Resources for the Classroom

Tours of the Career Resource Center

Faculty members are welcome to bring their classes to the Career Resource Center for a tour. Please contact Jocelyn Santana at 815-753-7199 or via e-mail at

Presentations to Faculty, Staff, and Department Meetings

Career Services enjoys speaking with faculty and staff. We also do classroom presentations. View a list of Presentation Topics. Questions about our services, concerns, and requests for future services can be discussed. To schedule a meeting time, contact Steven Tovar at 815-753-7144 or via e-mail at

Integrating Curriculum

We can assist you in integrating career information into your curriculum and help you determine the services and materials most appropriate for your class. To discuss integrating curriculum, contact Career Services at 815-753-1641.

Major WebLinks

Major WebLinks is a valuable on-line tool for students to find valuable job search links related to their major, as well as salary information, and information on what responsibilities and duties are required of someone in a particular job. If you have links to recommend to add to our Major WebLinks site, please send the link to Brian Pillsbury at

Need Help Contacting an Employer?

If you are looking for an employer to speak in your classroom, or are interested in a joint venture with an employer, Career Services is available to help make the connection. Contact Mary Myers at 815-753-7169 or