NIU Educators' Job Fair - How to Upload Résumé to Huskies Get Hired!

How to Upload Résumé to Huskies Get Hired!

Educator Licensure Candidates: The instructions below will assist you in uploading your résumé to Huskies Get Hired!   The uploaded resume can be used in applying for jobs through Huskies Get Hired! and is searchable by employers attending the Educators’ Job Fair.

IMPORTANT Huskies Get Hired! Instructions for Education Candidates before you upload your résumé.

  • In order to best utilize Huskies Get Hired! and make your resume searchable by employers, your Huskies Get Hired! profile information must be accurate. Follow the steps below:
    • Login to Huskies Get Hired! using your ZID and MyNIU password o Under Profile, located in the red banner across the top of the page,
    • Select Personal, and review the information for accuracy and make changes as needed.
    • Select Save Changes and Continue.
      • IMPORTANT! On the Academic tab of your Profile, you will want to select the appropriate choices from the list of Professional Educators Licensure (PEL).
      • There is a list on the Majors list just for PELs.
      • All endorsements are listed alphabetically on the Majors list. They are not listed by college.
      • Your major/endorsement area(s) will correspond closely in name with the endorsement areas established by ISBE.
      • Sometimes you will be selecting more than one category from the Professional Educator Licensure (PEL) list. This is because in some cases (such as Elementary Education), you will have both a grade level endorsement and a subject/content area endorsement. Example: Elementary Education, Language Arts, Social Science, Science
      • Be sure to select ALL categories that match your PEL endorsements.  Some majors/endorsement areas are followed by (G) only. This indicates that this is an area that is only a graduate (master’s degree or beyond) program.
      • Your endorsement areas will be easily recognizable by school administrators searching for candidates.
    • Select Save Changes.

Upload Your Résumé

  1. After logging in to Huskies Get Hired!, select Documents located in the red banner at the top of the page
  2. Select Add New
  3. Give the document a Label and select the document type
  4. Choose file to be attached and click Submit
  5. The document will now appear under the Documents tab and can be used in applications and is searchable by employers