CAHC 211 - Career Planning


CAHC 211 is an undergraduate course which presents career development and career decision making as lifelong processes. Career Planning focuses on the relationship of individuals to their work.

Throughout the course, students are provided hands on opportunities to practice decision making and application of learned skills to personal, academic, and career planning.

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Career Exploration Focus 

These sections focus more on exploring different career fields so that students can make informed career decisions.

Sec. 1 T/Th 9:30–10:45 Career Exploration

Sec. 3 T/Th 9:30-10:45  Strength-Based Career Planning (SOPHOMORE ONLY SECTION)

Sec. 4 T/Th 11:00–12:15 Career Exploration

Sec. 6 T/Th 12:30–1:45 Career Exploration

Sec. 8 M/W 2:00-3:15 Career Exploration

Sec. 10 T/Th 2:00-3:15 Career Exploration

Job Search Skills Focus

These sections focus more on the job searching process, resume/cover letter writing, and interviewing. 

Sec. 2 T/Th 9:30–10:45 Job Search Skills

Sec. 5 T/Th 11:00–12:15 Job Search Skills

Sec. 7 T/Th 12:30-1:45 Job Search Skills

Sec. 9 M/W 2:00–3:15 Job Search Skills

Sec. 11 T/Th 2:00-3:15 Job Search Skills

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