CAHC 211 - Career Planning - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the workload of CAHC 211?
Please see the sample syllabi for tentative assignments and readings.

How will this class benefit me?
CAHC 211 will provide you with opportunities to explore your interests, values, and skills as they relate to potential career paths. This course will also help you search for career opportunities as well as create and refine your resume and interviewing techniques.

Is this class an easy A?
If attending class, keeping up with reading, completing assignments, and participating is easy for you, then YES this class is an easy A.

Is it better to take this class as a Freshman/Sophomore or Junior/Senior?
Freshman/Sophomore sections of CAHC 211, while incorporating all aspects of career planning, focus more heavily on career direction and understanding self to help determine a clearer path. Junior/Senior sections are for students who have a better understanding of their career direction. While incorporating all aspects of career planning Junior/Senior sections emphasize on fine tuning resume and interviewing skills.

Will I get one-on-one help with my resume and interviewing practice?
Several class sessions are dedicated to resume building and interviewing. One-on-one help is offered in class as well as during office hours.