Sport Clubs


Why Join A Sport Club?

  • Gain leadership experience
  • Travel to other universities for competition
  • Get involved on campus
  • Learn a new sport
  • Stay competitive in a favorite sport
  • Networking (meeting new people)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join a Sport Club?

NIU fee-paying students and NIU faculty/staff who are Campus Recreation members can join a sport club and participate in club activities.

Do I need experience to participate?

No experience is necessary to join or participate in a sport club.  Part of the club experience is learning new skills.  Clubs hold scheduled practices for skill and team development.

Where do Sport Clubs meet?

Clubs hold practices, tournaments, and demonstrations at various locations across campus.  In addition, some clubs travel locally, regionally, and nationally to sport club activities at other colleges and universities. 

How much does it cost to join a Sport Club?

Participation in some sport clubs is free,  while other clubs require individual donations to cover the costs of equipment, facility rentals and supervision, instruction, and travel.

Start a Sport Club

Any student or group of students who wish to be involved in any sport or recreational pursuit can form an NIU- sanctioned and recognized student organization.  Clubs can be recognized as a sport club or be a member of the Sport Club program even when that specific sport is also recognized as a NIU intercollegiate sport.

Sport clubs must be a Student Association (SA) recognized student organization.  Sport Clubs are governed by both the rules and regulations governing all Student Association recognized student organizations and those established by Campus Recreation. Upon recognition by the SA, the sport club must obtain approval to become part of the Campus Recreation Sport Club program. 

Clubs must complete the forms found on our Club Resources page. Questions can be directed to the Coordinator of Competitive Sports