Rec Rewards


Receive rewards for your workouts! Earn prizes as you reach milestones on your health and wellness journey. Earn points for everything you participate in during the semester. For more information, contact Alex VanZante,, Graduate Assistant of Facility Operations.


  • Gold: Campus Recreation Portable USB Charger
    Reach 1000 points.

  • Silver: Campus Recreation Rec Rewards T-Shirt
    Reach 750 points.

  • Bronze: Campus Recreation Protein Blender Bottle
    Reach 500 points.


Register for the program by completing the online form. Once you have completed your activity, go to the same online link and record the activity you completed each day. We will track your progress and notify you via e-mail when you are close to winning a prize.

How to Earn Points

Program Area Activity Duration Points
Competitive Sports IM Game 1 game 25
Sport Club Practice 1 practice 10
Sport Club Game 1 game 25
Fitness & Wellness Group Fitness Class 1 class 25
Small-Group Training 1 session 35
Nutrition Coaching 1 session 35
Personal Training 1 session 35
Open Recreation Cardio 30 min 25
Weight Lifting 30 min 25
Court/Field Sports 30 min 25
Track 30 min 25
Walking 10,000 steps in a day. 10
Field House or ORSC Extra incentive when working out in these locations. 25
Outdoor Adventures Trips Any length 150
Gear Rental Each Rental 50

Activity Locations