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As a fee-paying NIU student from the DeKalb campus, you are automatically a Campus Recreation member for the current semester. A valid NIU OneCard is required to access the Student Recreation Center and the Chick Evans Field House. You also have access to Gabel Hall pool. If you currently live in an on-campus residence hall, you also have access to the New Hall fitness room, with your hall access card.

Continuing Students

If you're not enrolled at NIU for the current semester but were enrolled for the previous semester, you're eligible for a continuing student membership. This includes summer breaks. If you're taking less than six credit hours in the summer session, you must get a continuing student membership. For fall and spring semesters, students taking less than 12 credit hours are required to purchase a Continuing Student membership to use the Student Recreation Center. Students cannot have two consecutive continuing student memberships. Annual continuing student memberships are not available.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am taking classes, but my NIU OneCard is not working. What is wrong?

One of two things could be happening. First, if you have recently replaced a lost OneCard and then later found your old/original OneCard and are trying to use it, it will not work. After a OneCard has been replaced, the old/original card is deleted from the system. A deleted card will no longer work anywhere on campus. The second problem might be an issue you are having with the OneCard office. They can be reached at 815-753-9569 or through the OneCard office website.

Can I bring in a guest?

Anyone with a valid membership can sign in a guest. Your guest must be with you when purchasing a guest pass and must provide a valid photo ID. Students and members will also be asked to show your valid OneCard. Guest passes are $8 for one calendar day from the time of purchase. You are responsible for your guest while he or she is using Campus Recreation facilities.

Can I charge program and service fees to my Bursar bill?

Not at this time. Campus Recreation accepts cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

Where can I park when I come to either the Student Recreation Center or Chick Evans Field House?

The parking lots in front of both the Student Recreation Center and Chick Evans Field House are for persons with blue and yellow parking passes. Except for metered parking, permits are required to park on campus. All Campus Recreation members for the Student Recreation Center, Field House, and Gabel Pool must pick up a parking form at the Student Recreation Center Service Counter, and complete and submit it to Parking Services prior to purchasing a parking pass. There is a parking pass discount for Campus Recreation members.

Metered parking spaces are also available at the Student Recreation Center and are designated by large white signs. Anyone can park in the metered parking spots. Fees for metered spots are $.25 per 15 minutes, for up to two hours. The meter for the designated spots is located to the left of the front doors of the Student Recreation Center.

Parking along Stadium Drive East is for blue, yellow and brown permit parking. Lot K, located south of Stadium Drive, is designated for yellow, brown, and orange permit parking.

Visit Parking Services for more information and parking maps.

I am not taking classes on the DeKalb campus. Do I still have a student membership?

No. You must be paying student fees on the DeKalb campus to have a valid Campus Recreation membership. If you are not enrolled in classes for the semester, you can purchase a continuing student membership. Alumni memberships are available for NIU graduates.

I am a student with a spouse, partner in a civil union, domestic partner and/or dependent. Can I bring them with me to work out?

Yes. Memberships for spouses, partners in a civil union, domestic partners and/or dependents are available. You can also sign spouses, partners in a civil union, domestic partners and/or dependents under normal guest pass procedures.

I am not taking classes this semester or summer. Can I still have a student membership?

Yes. Students not enrolled for the current semester or the summer session can purchase a continuing student membership according to the information listed above.