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All Campus Recreation Group Fitness Instructors are CPR/AED certified, and many hold nationally recognized group fitness certifications. Instructors have previous group fitness leadership experience prior to hiring, or have completed the Campus Recreation in-house Instructor Training Program before instructing.

Meet Our Team

Sarita Aguirre

Hometown: St. Paul, MN

Certification(s):Les Mills Body Combat

Favorite Class to Teach: Body Combat of course!

Fitness Quote: “Half your workout is between your ears- when your brain says NO your heart says GO!!” –Rachel Newsham

Fitness Inspiration: Becky, the trainer who ran the Body Combat certification training I attended. She was incredibly motivational and genuinely cared about helping us become the best instructors we could be, so that we can motivate others.

What you might not know about Sarita? I absolutely LOVE Halloween and spooky things. One of my guilty pleasures is to watch those crazy ghost hunting shows, haha. I just can't help myself, they fascinate me

Most embarrassing song on your workout playlist: Honestly, I don't have "embarrassing" songs on my workout list. I listen to rock and heavy metal when I workout, like Metallica and Godsmack, or plug my headphones into the TV. So I don't have anything to scandalous to divulge for this one!


Annie Weber

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

Certification(s): Les Mills Body Combat

Favorite Class to Teach: Body Combat!

Fitness Quote: “The first wealth is health.” – Ralph Waldo

Fitness Inspiration: My friend Jen. She was the instructor in the first Body Combat class I ever went to. Her high energy made the class fun, and she was awesome at motivating you to give it your all! The euphoria I felt after those classes day in and day out motivated me to take the leap into teaching group fitness. I hope I can inspire participants the way she inspired me.

What you might not know about Annie? I love country Music!

Most embarrassing song on your workout playlist: Larger than Life - Backstreet Boys


Lynn Herrmann

Hometown: Park Ridge, IL

Certification(s): ACE Group Fitness Instructor, Zumba, TRX, PiYo, MVe Pilates, Bosu

Favorite Class to Teach: I can't choose just one! Each class has different health benefits.

Favorite Fitness Quote: What would you do if you weren't afraid? (True for fitness and for life in general)

Fitness Inspiration? Why?: Participants. I've worked with many participants who didn't like exercising or didn't feel comfortable in the gym setting. Group fitness classes helped them feel comfortable exercising. Participants inspire me when they start by standing in the back of the room and gradually making their way to the front row or even becoming an instructor.

What You Might Not Know About Lynn: I am learning Italian so I can speak with family members in Italy.

Most Embarrassing Song on Your Workout Playlist:  Macarena for Zumba


Andra Dobbel

Hometown: Sycamore

Certification(s): Group Fitness Workshop, hoping to receive my Cycle Cert in the near future.

Favorite Class to Teach: Cycle!

Fitness Quote: “If it doesn’t challenge you, It doesn’t change you.” –Fred Devito

Fitness Inspiration? Why?: Myself, I am in constant competition with myself. Constantly setting new goals and striving to meet them. I aim to be the best, the fittest, the strongest me I can be. If you can't inspire yourself how can you expect to be inspired by others? Your body will do whatever your mind tells it to do. Mind over matter. Push yourself every day!

What you might not know about Andra: I went to Nationals for Nurse Assisting, ranked first in the state.

Most embarrassing song on your workout playlist: Thong Song- Sisqo 


Mary Beth Henning

Name:  Mary Beth Henning

Hometown:  Lambertville, Michigan

Occupation: Associate Professor in the College of Education

Certification:  AFAA Group Exercise Instructor

Favorite Class to Teach:  Sculpt & Stretch and Cycle

Fitness Quote: YOU are stronger than you think!


Mary Beth

Katelyn Martin

Hometown: Petersburg, IL

Certification(s): CPR

Favorite Class to Teach: Cardio Pump

Favorite Fitness Quote: The real workout starts when you want to stop.

Biggest Fitness Inspiration? Why?: My family. They challenge me to be healthy and encourage me when I need it the most!

What You Might Not Know About (your name): I played volleyball for about 7 years.

Most Embarrassing Song on Your Workout Playlist: Party Up by's so catchy!


Deborah Brandt

Hometown: Pacific Grove, Ca

Major: Psychology/Horticulture

Certifications: Sunrise Yoga, 200 Hr Yoga

Favorite Class to Teach:  Hatha Yoga

Fitness Inspiration: Erich Schiffman- He’s a down to earth Yoga Instructor.

Fitness Quote: “It is not arrogant or egotistical to feel good inside. You have nothing to do with it. It’s simply the honest response to clearly perceived Reality.” – Erich Schiffman

Something You Might Not Know About Debbie: I have started showing my Japanese Kai Ken Dog.

Most Embarrassing Song on Your Playlist: Deep South-Layo & Bushwacka 


Lizzy de Guia

Hometown: Lancaster, CA

Certifications: CPR & First Aid

Favorite Class to Teach: Cardio Pump

Favorite Fitness Quote: You're only one workout away from a  good mood :)

Fitness Inspiration: No specific person inspires me but, I am inspired by people who truly push themselves in their workouts.

What you might not know about Lizzy: I can walk on my hands!

Most embarrassing song on your playlist: What makes you beautiful by One Direction


Aliesha Graves

Hometown: Peoria, IL!

Certification(s): Pilates and Cycle!!!

Favorite Class to Teach: I love them both, but I love cycling!

Fitness Quote: Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.

Fitness Inspiration: I loved Emily, Jen, and Olivia, who were instructors last year. They made exercise fun and to me, that is the most important thing.

What you might not know about Aliesha? I am a former ballet, tap, contemporary dancer.

Most embarrassing song on your workout playlist: I’m not embarrassed by this, but I do have a fair amount of Sigur Ros on one for my Pilates playlists.


Sarah Blackstone

Hometown: New Haven, CT

Certification(s): Group Fitness, Zumba

Favorite Class to Teach: Zumba :)

Favorite Fitness Quote: "It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you are not."

What You Might Not Know About Sarah: I lived in Spain for six months and have been to the Middle East twice.

Biggest Fitness Inspiration? Why?: I got involved with fitness through Zumba. As a former ballet, Salsa, and Tango dance I was able to pursue fitness as well as my love of dance with my Zumba classes. I continued to take different fitness classes and became inspired by the community it created as well as helping me to feel stronger, happier, and healthier. The instructors that I have had helped me feel part of this community and are the reason I decided to become a group fitness instructor.

Most Embarrassing Song on Your Workout Playlist: Krazy Kids, and other Kes$ha songs!


Christine Lagattolla

Hometown: Mt. Prospect, IL

Major: MS Educational Psychology, BS Physical Education

Certification: PiYo and Svaroopa Yoga Foundations

Classes taught: Yoga and various toning classes

Favorite form of exercise: Vinyasa yoga and running

Fun fact: I served in the Marine Corps



Hometown: Chicago, Il

Major: Acting

Classes taught: Zumba, Hip Hop Fusion

Favorite form of exercise: Dancing, Running

Fun fact: Once attended a Square Dance Convention (it was awesome!)



Help Wanted!

If you are interested in teaching for Campus Recreation, contact Eric Appiah 815-753-9421 to set up an interview.

We are looking to hire individuals who:

  • Have their personal training certifications or are working toward their certifications
  • Are energetic and motivational
  • Are reliable and responsible
  • Have a passion for fitness and wellness

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