Campus Activities Board's Committees

The Campus Activities Board is comprised of eight programming committees and four marketing committees. Each committee is headed by an Associate Vice President (AVP) and brings a different type of event to campus for students. Read below for more information on each of the committees. Students are welcome to join any committee!

Programming Committees:

  • Athletic Events is a committee devoted to increasing attendance at Huskie Athletics' events and participating in recreational activities.  Past events include the 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament and AND1 Basketball Game.
  • Comedy is committed to bringing comedians of various magnitudes to perform for the Northern Illinois University campus community. Past events include the Adam Mamawala & Paul Varghese Comedy Show in January 2013 and a Halloween Comedy Show with Nema Williams and Ronnie Jordan.
  • Educational Leadership is committed to planning contemporary and innovative styles of learning beyond the classroom for the Northern Illinois University campus community through various speakers, forums, and venues. Past events include co-sponsorship of the Leadership Academy, NIU Lead Summit featuring The Buried Life, and co-sponsorship of an alcohol social norms marketing campaign.
  • Huskie Traditions is committed to providing an outlet for the Northern Illinois University campus community to celebrate school pride and team spirit, while working together with the surrounding community to provide all-age, family entertainment in hopes of continuing and creating lasting traditions. Huskie Traditions is responsible for many of NIU's major homecoming events.  Past events include PowderPuff Football, Recycled Boat Race, Yell Like Hell, and the Homecoming Parade.
  • Performing Arts is a committee devoted to bringing live music of various types to perform at Northern Illinois University. Past events include the Travis Porter Party and Concert, Platanos Y Collard Greens play, and a Valentines Day Open Mic.
  • Seasonal Events is committed to expanding upon yearly festivals, traditions, and holidays through themed events and programs for the Northern Illinois University campus community. Past events include the Drive-in Movie and Pandemonium.
  • Special Events is committed to providing programming for the Northern Illinois University campus community through technological, recreational, and alternative forms of entertainment which cater to the interests of the student body. Past events include Wet and Wild Waterslides, Game Show, and Funny T-Shirts.

Marketing and Advertising Committees:

The Marketing team is committed to creating effective marketing schemes and determining effective methods of informing the Northern Illinois University campus community about upcoming events and programs. Committees include:

  • Advertisement
  • Campus Relations
  • Social  & Digital Media

To contact any of the Assistant Vice-Presidents of these committees, click here.