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Test Availability Exceptions

Occasionally you may wish to accommodate a student with additional time or a modified date when delivering an online test through Blackboard, for example when a student has requested an Exam Accommodation through the Disability Resource Center.  You can do so by using the "Test Availability Exceptions" options which are a standard part of Blackboard's test tool.

To add an Exception:

  • Locate the test, and place your mouse cursor over its title
  • Click on the drop down arrow itcon to the right of the test's title, and click Edit the Test Options from the drop down menu
  • On the "Test Options" screen, scroll down to the "Test Availability Exceptions" area, then click on the Add User or Group button
  • On the window that pops up, click the checkbox(es) next to the student(s) who requires an exception, then scroll down and click the Submit button. You should then see the student(s)' name(s) added to the Test Availability Exceptions area.

a screenshot of the test availability exceptions options in the test's settings

After the student(s) have been aded, you can modify the number of "Attempts" each student is allowed to make, the amount of time a student is allowed for the test or quiz, and the date(s) they are allowed to take the test on.

Once you are finished, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page, to confirm the Exceptions on the test.

Last updated: 6/1/2017

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