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Experience the thrill of a lifetime by becoming a member of The Pride of the Midwest. You can have a part in presenting outstanding performances as thousands of excited and appreciative Huskie fans provide you with a personal satisfaction that is unequaled.

"My involvement in the Huskie Band program has been one of the best experiences of my life. I think it would be hard to find another group on campus that would have as much fun and still work very hard. I am very proud to be a part of The Pride of the Midwest, and I will continue to be a part of it until I graduate."
-- Amanda Hart, Senior, Communications major

Being a member of the Huskie Marching Band offers you several opportunities that you won't find anywhere else on campus. You will have an important role in campus life and make an immediate contribution to Northern Illinois University as an active member of one of its most highly visible and valued organizations.

"The Huskie Marching Band can be described in a few meaningful words: a tradition of excellence, a community of diverse people that share a common love, and good times."
-- Katie Taylor, freshman, Nursing major

At a school the size of the Northern Illinois University, it is important for new students to find their place within the college community. As a member of the marching band, you will be surrounded by friends before classes even begin. The Huskie Band will provide a valuable support system throughout your college career, helping you adjust to life in DeKalb and creating life-long friendships.

"I love performing for people, and nothing can beat the rush of playing for NIU!"
-- Patrick VerHalen, Senior, Meteorology major

The Huskie Band is composed of Business majors, Communications majors, Elementary Education majors, Nursing majors, undecided majors, and yes, even Music majors. Regardless of your scholastic goals, there's a place for you in the Huskie Band!

"Employers today are looking for more than grades in a student. They primarily want people with communication skills, teamwork, commitment, leadership, and a goal-oriented personality with a positive attitude. The Huskie Marching Band helps develop these important skills through your effort and dedication to a demanding yet rewarding organization."
-- Stanley Dzierzega, alumnus Business major

And for Music Education majors there's no substitute for your professional preparation as a future band director.

"As a future music educator, the experience of being in a leadership position in the Huskie Marching Band would be invaluable to my development as a teacher and ensemble leader."
-- John Minor, Sophomore, Music major