Colorguard and Silverettes FAQ


Colorguard and Silverettes FAQ

Your time at NIU will be life changing! Don’t let opportunities pass you by during your collegiate years. Through music, choreography, friendship, and exuberant displays of school pride, being a part of the Huskie Marching Band will enrich your days at Northern like no other experience can.

Color Guard

The Huskie Band Color Guard (Flags) is a select group of approximately 24 women and men. Previous flag experience is valuable, but not required for membership in this organization. The Color Guard is an exciting component of the Huskie Marching Band, and performs at all pre-game, halftime, and post-game shows.


The Silverettes dance line is a highly talented group of approximately 14 women who perform feature routines in addition to marching during each Huskie Band show. The Silverettes are primarily a dance team, so previous drill team or pom squad experience is valuable.

Do I have to audition? 

An audition is required to join either the Color Guard or The Silverettes. Auditions for new members will be held in late summer. Fill out and submit the online Membership Information Form to get specific information.

Do I need to prepare a routine for the audition?

No, you will be taught a routine at the audition. The instructors will want to see not only how well you perform, but also how quickly you can learn a new routine. Wear comfortable clothing for the audition. Prospective Color Guard members may bring their own flag, if desired.

I didn't realize that The Silverettes are a part of the Marching Band. Is there a dance team at NIU?

The Silverettes are the dance team at Northern. It is not a cheerleading organization.

Does Marching Band take up a lot of time?

HMB is a great way to invest your time. Rehearsals are always productive, efficient, and fun. We rehearse 3 or 4 days per week, for a total of seven hours. Rehearsal times are late afternoon and evening to avoid conflicts with other classes.

When is Band Camp?

Band Camp is required of all members. It starts one week before the fall semester starts.

Can I move into my residence hall room early?

Yes! Because you are in the Marching Band, you can move into your residence hall or University Plaza room the day before Band Camp begins.

Will my studies suffer for being in band?

No! The network of experienced students you will meet can help you in your academics, and assist you in learning the “inside stuff” of campus life. Many of our members are honor students in their own departments, and hold academic scholarships.

What does it cost to be in the Huskie Band?

There are a few expenses for participating in Huskie Bands, such as personal items. Your uniform is provided at no cost. All other costs are paid for by the Huskie Band (including travel!).

Do I receive academic credit for performing in the Huskie Marching Band?

Yes! All students must enroll in Marching Band (MUSC393A) and receive 1 credit hour each semester. Colorguard members participate in an additional rehearsal each week, and receive 1 credit hour for that as well.

What kind of show does the Huskie Marching Band perform?

Actually, the Huskie Band performs several new shows every season! Typically we perform 4 to 6 different shows — a new halftime show for each home football game. Show themes are designed to best entertain our audience while demanding creative choreography and showmanship from the band's members. Our show styles include jazz, rock `n roll, classical, funk, and movie soundtrack music.

Where does the Huskie Band perform?

We perform at all home football games, one away football game, a local parade, and a season-finale indoor concert. We also travel to post-season games, thanks to our winning football team. Recent trips have included the Silicon Valley Bowl in California, playoff games at the site of Super Bowl XL, and dozens of games broadcast on national TV.

Do I have to pay for trips or do fund-raising to participate in Marching Band?

No! Your "cheese & sausage sales" and "car wash" days are over! All expenses for travel are paid for, plus we provide meals, or money for meals.

Do The Silverettes perform separately from the Marching Band?

Yes, after football season, The Silverettes perform feature routines at select men's and women's basketball games, and other special performances around the community.