Game Day Activities


Game Day Activities

The notion of a marching band performing only at halftime is a foreign thought to the Huskie Marching Band. While the halftime show performance may be the premiere performance given by the band at a football game, the Huskie Band presents four formal shows at very home game, in addition to being the most active section in the stadium stands during the game! Football Saturdays are major events in the lives of every Huskie Marching Band member.

From the first downbeat of Huskie Preview! to the Drum Major's dismissal after the Post Game Concert, the Huskie Band is always "on stage"—from the march to the stadium, to the rousing of tailgaters; from playing stand tunes with "visuals" by the Color Guard and The Silverettes, to the incessant cadences by our Drum Line.

Dress Rehearsal

Game day starts four hours prior to kick-off with an hour dress rehearsal in Huskie Stadium.

Huskie Preview

Ninety minutes prior to kick-off before each home game we present Huskie Preview!—a concert of select pregame and halftime tunes presented in block formation. Performances are held north of the Chessick Center. Family and friends are welcome to attend.


On our way from Huskie Preview! to the stadium, the Huskie Marching Band stops and "swarms" among the tailgaters outside Huskie Stadium. The excitement of hearing and seeing the Huskie Band up close and "in your face" is a rousing way to get fans into Huskie spirit before the first kick-off.

Pre-game Show

The Pregame Show is a performance given on the field prior to the start of each home game. This show is designed as a salute and tribute to N.I.U., our alma mater. As such, the format of the Pregame Show reflects traditional music and marching styles. The Pregame Show always includes the NIU Fanfare, the Huskie Fight Song, the Alma Mater, and Hail to the Huskies, in addition to The Star Spangled Banner, and the visiting school's fight song.

In the Stands

As the largest and most visible group supporting athletics at Northern Illinois University, the Huskie Marching Band brings positive attention to the university by playing stand music which relates to the pacing of the game at hand, participating in cheers, and making sure that students and alumni alike are having a great time. We contribute to the home field advantage in Huskie Stadium. The Huskie Band membership knows that the only way to the Bowl games is through the team!

Halftime Show

The Halftime Show is our premiere performance at football games—designed as a showcase of the Huskie Band. A typical halftime show will feature three music selections: an opener and closer with full drill and a concert selection that doubles as a feature routine for The Silverettes. Each show will typically have at least one selection performed to each side of the stadium stands. Each halftime show is designed with the goal to best entertain our audience. Music selections and drill style are chosen to make the greatest impact to our crowd. A theme is always used in formulating each halftime show.

Post Game Concert

At the conclusion of each game, and after the playing of the Huskie Fight Song, we give a short concert on the field in block formation. Each Post Game Concert begins with a song associated with that day's halftime show and will draw upon music from previous week's halftime shows, and include features for the Color Guard and The Silverettes. The Post Game Concert ensures that, win or lose, Huskie Football fans leave Huskie Stadium in a festive mood. By the dictates of protocol, the Post Game Concert always ends with the singing of school songs.