Registration 2014



HMB Welcome Letter from Dr. Bough!

ALL HMB MEMBERS (RETURNING AND NEW) MUST COMPLETE THE ONLINE MEMBER REGISTRATION by July 11th, 2014.   This form will add you to our office roster and, if necessary, put you on the early move-in list for the University Residence Halls.

In addition to completing the online registration, you must send the paper copies of the following forms to the HMB office:

Huskie Bands   
Music Building Rm 163
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115

Fax: (815) 753-1100     

All forms and payment need to be received in the band office by Friday, July 11th, 2014.


You must sign up for the class through the MyNIU server.

  • Woodwind, brass and percussion players - enroll for MUSE 335, Section 1.
  • Color Guard and Silverettes must sign up for MUSE 335.  Silverettes is Section 2 and Color Guard is Section 3.

Band Camp

2014 Band camp will be Sunday, August 17th through Saturday, August 23th!

2014 Move In Information

2014 Band Camp Schedule, Coming Soon!!!


NIU Residence Halls: To check into your residence hall at the start of camp, you must be registered for marching band as a class (see above) and you must notify the marching band office using the online 2014 Member Registration Form. Once you have completed BOTH steps, you will be placed on a list for early check-in at no cost to you. You may check into your residence hall on Sunday, Aug. 18th from 2–5pm. If you do not turn in the housing form by July 19th, you will be charged a per day early move-in fee.

Off Campus: Make arrangements with your landlord to move in on or before Aug. 18th. Band camp starts that evening, so please take care of your moving arrangements so you are ready for rehearsal that night. Get confirmation from your landlord in writing that you will be able to move in as specified to avoid last minute complications.


The Huskie Marching Band will provide evening meals for the band on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night. You are on your own for breakfast and lunch. All campus dorm rooms come equipped with refrigerators and microwave ovens. Residence Hall meal plans are not active until the Thursday of band camp, so plan ahead!

Instruments and Lockers

If you need to check out a university instrument, they will be available starting at 5:30pm. Storage lockers for instruments will be available during regular business hours from the large ensemble office for a small fee. NIU can ONLY provide sousaphones, marching baritones, mellophones, and a few tenor saxophones. Members should provide all other instruments. Once you are registered for marching band as a class, you can contact the band office (see above) to check out an instrument during the summer so you can start practicing!


We have several performances during band camp. It is going to be hot, so rather than wear our entire uniform, we are going to perform in our summer uniform. We provide you with one free Huskie Marching Band t-shirt. YOU provide a pair of khaki shorts.  Cargo shorts are ok as long as they are a solid khaki color.

Marching Band Full Uniform

All members of the woodwind, brass and percussion section need to provide their own pair of black, MTX marching shoes as part of our marching band uniform.  You are welcome to purchase these yourself, or through the Huskie Marching Band using the Uniform Accessory Order Form. This form and payment must be received at the band office by July 11th for priority consideration.

Questions?  Comments? Concerns?

Contact us at or at (815)753-1042 with any questions or concerns.