Campus Assessment Network

The Campus Assessment Network, established in July 2006, is a group of individuals across campus involved in assessment as part of their professional role at NIU. Included in this group is the director of assessment services, director of assessment and training for student affairs, assessment coordinator for teacher certification, several assessment coordinators for individual colleges, associate deans for several colleges, and other interested parties. The Campus Assessment Network was established for the purpose of bringing together assessment professionals and other interested parties across NIU to better enable these individuals to:

  • Communicate and network with one another on assessment issues.
  • Share information and assessment tools with one another to increase effectiveness in our assessment practices.
  • Develop a shared culture of assessment and common messages of assessment to better engage and support the broader NIU community in their assessment needs.

Members of the network meet five times a year and discuss a variety of assessment topics such as technology assessments, web-based portfolio systems, design of standardized exit surveys for students, and the importance of building a culture of assessment.

Next meeting will include the Book discussion and New Directions discussion:

Campus Assessment Network - Meeting Notes

Contact the Office of Assessment Services at 753-8659 or for further details.


Assessment Scholarship

Assessment Book Group

In 2009-2010, the Office of Assessment Services (OAS), with the support of the Campus Assessment Network (CAN), invited faculty and staff to join in a special project to help grow the culture of assessment at NIU. A group of 18 faculty and staff read Trudy Banta's bok "Building a Scholarship of Assessment." The group met four times in Fall 2009 to discuss the chapters of the book and the relevance the material had on their teaching, research, and assessment efforts at NIU

In Spring 2010, two additional meetings were held: (1) a general discussion of research and assessment and (2) a more structured discussion of research opportunities in assessment led by the director of the Office of Sponsored Projects. As the group moves forward, it is expected that a variety of assessment collaborations, publications, presentations, and other activites will ensue. Follow-up on the outcomes of the book group was assessed in Fall 2010.

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