Student Advisory Council on Learning Outcomes

Have a Voice; Own Your Education

Purpose: To provide students a voice in every level of the assessment process and to deepen the conversation about assessment practices at NIU.

Benefits to Learners:

  • Increasing understanding of assessment outcomes across campus;
  • Providing resource for instructors and students to better communicate assessment practices;
  • Learning about the role of assessing student learning outcomes and how it fits into the educational process;
  • Having a voice/say in university processes;
  • Participating in a dialogue and establishing ownership of the learning process at NIU;
  • Providing feedback that improve classroom learning outcomes; and
  • Resume/CV builder.

Benefits to the University/Office of Assessment Services:

  • Authentic learner-based feedback on teaching and learning at NIU;
  • An opportunity to improve how learning outcomes are communicated and measured at NIU; and
  • An opportunity for faculty and staff to engage in dialogue and action with learners to improve teaching and learning at NIU.

If you are a proactive problem solver who wants to help shape the teaching and learning experience here at NIU in an open and inclusive forum—look no further. The Student Advisory Council on Learning Outcomes needs you!

Meeting Minutes

If you have any questions about SACLO, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at or phone at (815)753-8659.