NIU Alumni Survey

NIU is interested in staying in contact with its alumni because they have important things to tell us about their student experiences. The Office of Assessment Services administers the Annual Alumni Survey each year to all graduates from the past calendar year. In accordance with requirements of the Illinois Board of Higher Education, we also administer a baccalaureate follow-up survey to graduates 5 and 9 years out on a rotating cycle. The information gleaned from these surveys is helpful in making improvements in programs and services, as well as helping to measure the value of earning a degree at NIU. Below you will find access to the online version of the Alumni Survey (currently closed), a link to secure alumni survey results for specific colleges and degree programs, and published reports examining university-wide trends.

Online Alumni Survey

Alumni now have the option to complete the Alumni survey in paper form or online. Currently, the online version is closed, but will be made available as soon as alumni are notified they can access the online version. Notification will be going out the last week of March.


Colleges and degree programs have access to the raw data and program-specific reports via a secure Blackboard website. Raw data is made available in Excel format for colleges and degree programs to more easily and purposefully analyze and report alumni survey data.

Access secure Alumni Survey Results here.


Alumni Survey Baccalaureate Graduates 2006 to 2011

Trends in Alumni Satisfaction with Their NIU Undergraduate Degree Program: A Comparison of On-Campus and Off-Campus Students, 2006 to 2009


Last Updated: 03/18/2013