Presented by NIU and the City of DeKalb, ARTigras is a Celebration of the Arts—both in the DeKalb community as well as on the NIU campus.  The event will consist of an arts parade, a post-parade party featuring music, crafts and games, Art Gallery shows and receptions, evening concerts and…new this year…an opening night “March to Bourbon Street” event at the Egyptian Theater featuring dance and theatrical performances, live music and an art exhibit.  Area residents, NIU students and employees, and all arts enthusiasts are encouraged to participate!

Mask Making!

Mask Making class, Dekalb Park District. April 30, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Turn yourself into a huskie, or a dragon, tiger, princess or whatever is in your imagination. In this workshop we will create wearable, or if it gets to grand, cartable masks. The class will use a variety of materials from recyclables to bling, paint, duct tape, springs and feathers. The construction will become a creative expression of your invented critter. Age: 5 to 9

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Director of Special Events
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