Kimberly Foreit

B.S. Anthropology  - Loyola University Chicago, 2010

Academic Biography:

Q. What is your focus of research? Primate Social Behavior

Q.Why did you choose NIU? I appreciate that NIU emphasizes a four-field approach to Anthropology. Even among the physical anthropology subfield, faculty members have experience in wide variety of topics. It's always good to gain insight from lots of different perspectives!

Q. Who is your advisor? Why did you choose to work with this professor? Dr. Porter. She has a diverse background in primate studies and we have a shared interest in studying primate behavior from an evolutionary viewpoint.

Q. What advice would you like to share with incoming students? It's never to early to start thinking about your thesis or look into grants!

Research Projects:

  • 2010 - 2012: Lester E. Fisher for AFrican Apes, Lincoln Park Zoo - behavioral data collection on the zoo's chimpanzees and gorillas; data entry for the Gombe mother-infant data project
  • 2010: Loyola University Bone Lab, collected osteometric data on a 19th century skeletal population from Peoria, IL.
  • 2009: UIC Archaeology field school, excavated Paleoindian stone tool sites in northern Illinois.