Jesteen Schaetz

Jesteen Schaetz

B.A. Anthropology, 2012 - California State University, Fresno

Academic Biography:

Q. Where is your study area located? Cultural Anthropology I am especially intersted in international relations and cultural sensitivity

Q. What is your focus of research? My graduate research is looking at tourism and the commoditization of culture on the island nation of Malta

Q. Why did you choose NIU? I chose NIU since I wanted to leave California and its proximity to Chicago seemed like it might yield job opportunities after graduation.

Q. Who is your advisor? My advisor is Dr. Russell . I chose to work with her after I had taken a class with her. She was very easy to talk to and was well informed and helped me get straight to the point with my research methods, and shared a similar view in what I should get out of my research and how I could accomplish it.

Q. What advice would you like to share with incoming students? Find out what is expected of you in what order and when. Everyone had their own opinion/advice but talk to your advisor about it (quals, proposal, research) an go with that and only that, otherwise you will live in utter confusion. Trust me, three generations of studetns are still debating all the different things they were told..