Graduate Assistants/Graduate Students

Jessica Bernstetter

B.A. Anthropology/Sociology, 2012 - Truman State University

Academic Biography:

Q. Where is your study area located? Sicily, Ancient Carthage, and the Mediterranean

Q. What research projects have you participated in? 2013 NIU Archaeological Field School in Sicily.

Q. What is your focus of research? The focus of my research is the colonization of the island of Sicily during the first millennium BC and the subsequent interactions between the Greek poleis, Carthaginians, and native Sicilian groups. I am also interested in the ancient site of Carthage and the cultural identity of these peoples after they migrated from Phoenicia.

Q.Why did you choose NIU? I was first drawn to NIU when I heard about their field school opportunity in Sicily. Subsequently, I became interested in the archaeology program and the ongoing research of the faculty. NIU is also a great school because of the opportunity to receive funding at the Masters level which is something that graduate students should strongly consider.

Q. Who is your advisor? I chose to work with Dr. Michael Kolb as my advisor. When I first heard about the program I became interested in his work on Sicily and the continuing fieldwork. Upon meeting him after my acceptance, he was welcoming, friendly and very knowledgeable about the department and its work.

Q. What advice would you like to share with incoming students? Get involved with the department. Checking out the different organizations or getting involved in a study group will help you get to know the people you are sharing classes and working with, but it will also provide you with a wealth of resources. Also, it is important to establish a relationship with your professors, they are here to help you succeed.