Graduate Assistants/Graduate Students

Emily Dow

B.A. 2011, Anthropology - Northern Illinois University

Academic Biography:

Q. What is your focus area located? Philippines

Q. What is your focus of research? Gender Identity and Transnational Migrant Workers (OFWs). OFW stands for Overseas Filipino Workers.

Q. Why did you choose NIU? NIU offers a world-class faculty concentrated in Southeast Asian studies. There is an emphasis on in-country experience for students. NIU also offers advanced courses in Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines.

Q. Who is your advisor? Why did you choose to work with this professor? Dr. Sue Russell. I chose to work with Dr. Russell because of her vast knowledge and experience in the Philippines.

Q. What advice would you like to share with incoming students?  Gain experience outside of the US. International experience gives a totally different perspective on the world.

Research Projects:

  • 2010: Dr. Ledgerwood's Cambodia Field School