Anna Kordek

B.A. Biology, French Minor, 2012 - Carthage College

Academic Biography:

Q. Where is your study area located? Stress and behavior in male bonobos in groups of varied sex-ratios

Q. What is your focus of research? Physical Anthropology. Summer os 2013 I just completed data collection at the Columbus Zoo for my Master's Thesis project studying stress and behavior in male bonobos in groups of varied sex-ratios.

Q.Why did you choose NIU? NIU has a very reputable program in Anthropology. The professors int he program are very helpful, insightful, and encouraging of new ideas that students bring to the program. IT is also a plus that the University is close to my favorite city (Chicago).

Q. Who is your advisor? Dr. Leila Porter. I chose to work with Dr. Porter because she has extensive experience in primatological studies and has advised previous grad students on thesis projects in captivity. She also is great at helping students develop a stronger writing style.

Q. What advice would you like to share with incoming students? The most important thing is to keep yourself focuse don your passion and research. It's not a race!! Enjoy the experience of conducting your research as well as listening and learning from stories professors will tell you about the field. Also, ask questions to the professors and to the other grad students, they are always willing to give advice!