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Please see the article entittled, "American Museum of Natural History curator to present free talks at NIU" - Click here for link

Please see the article featuring Dr. Kerry Sagebiel entitled, "What kind of pooches did the Ancient Maya favor?" Click here for link

 Congratulations to Dr. Helen Haines (Trent University, Peterborough, Canada), the PI on  the project in Belize, has won a small National Geographic Research and  Exploration Grant ($20,164) with Dr. Kerry Sagebiel and Dr. Jaime Awe of Belize as collaborators.

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Kolb for being a recipient of the Presidential Teaching Professorship.

Congratulations to Dr. Giovanni Bennardo for being a recipient of the Presidential Research Professor.

The Anthropology Museum has invited experts from around the world to NIU to discuss Haiti’s contemporary realities four years after the earthquake.  Click here for dates. 

Please see the article featuring Dr. Michael Kolb entitled Changes to gen. eds debated. click here for article

Please see the link for Dr. Sibel Kusimba's interview with the AAA. click here for link

Please see the article featuring Dr. Mark Schuller and The Anthropology Museum entitled: Museum Exhibit Focuses on Haiti Earthquake. Click here for article

Please see the article featuring Dr. Mitchell Irwin entitled: NIU prof helps shed light on primate longevity. Click here for article.


Professor Bennardo received a $218,000 NSF grant to lead an international team of scholars (including Dr. Wiegele) in a research project that examines cultural models of nature held by primary food producers in world regions affected by climate change. Click here for article.

Please see the article featuring Dr. Mitchell Irwin entitled "Something Wild"

Professor Mark Schuller will be hosting a screening of his film Poto Miton: Haitian Women, Pillars of the Global Economy follwed by a Q&A at the Chicago Cultural Center on Oct 29th at 7:00pm. The event is free. link to flyer

The Anthropology Musuem held a fundraiser Friday, September 7th, at The House Cafe to benefit the upcoming exhibit: Fragments: Haiti Four Years After the Earthquake. click here for link

Dr. Laurie Godfrey from the University of Massachusetts to give a seminar co-hosted by Biology and Anthropology (Thursday September 12th at 3:30pm MO 443; Dr.Godfrey is primarily a biological anthropologist and paleontologist focusing her work in Madagascar, but her research interests are broad and she has also published on issues including extinction, community ecology, stable isotopes, life history, seed dispersal, dental microwear, ancient DNA, etc. 

Dr. Daniel Gebo will be giving a talk hosted by Dr. Karen Samonds on November 14th at 3:30pm in Montgomery Hall Room 443. 

Dr. Mitchell Irwin will be hosting the Anthropology Graduate Colloquium speaker Dr. Tom Gillespie, of Emory University on September 26th 4:00pm Davis Hall Room 308 and September 27th, 10:00am Faraday Hall Room 144..

The Anthropology Museum will be having a benefit concert for Fragments: Haiti Four Years After the Earthquake at The House Cafe on Friday, Sept 6th. Click here for flyer.

Dr. Mitch Irwin sent in some picture from his field school in Madagascar. Check them out here

Please see the article in NATURE by Dr. Dan Gebo. The article is titled, "The oldest known primate skeleton and early haplorhine evolution." Click here for article 

Please see the article in the NIU Today featuring Dr. Dan Gebo. The article is titled, "Out of Asia: NIU anthropologist Gebo among scientists announcing oldest primate skeleton". Click here for article

Please see the article featured in NPR by adjunct faculty Dr. Jonathan Haas. The article is titled Bones Tell Tale Of Desperation Among The Starving At Jamestown. Click here for article

Congratulations to Dr. Leila Porter's student Sarah Stuebing for her 2nd place at the Annual Research & Artistry Day. Click here for article

Anthropology Professors were awarded their awards at the Faculty Awards on 4-22-13. Dr. Andrea Molnar received the Presidential Engagement Professorship and Dr. Daniel Gebo received the Board of Trustees Professorship for the 2nd time. Congratulations!! click here for photos

Congratulations to Dr. Andrea Molnar on becoming a Presidential Engagement Professor. click here for article

NIU Anthropology was well represented at the meeting of the Society for American Archaeology in Honolulu, April 3-8, 2013. We gathered outside the exhibit hall for a photo (L-R): Karla Davis-Salazar and her two daughters. Karla is a tenured professor at the University of South Florida; Dr. Jonathan Haas, adjunct professor and Field Museum curator; Jessica Blanco, receives her M.A. in May 2013 and presented a poster on her research; Bill Balco, recently completed his Ph.D. at UW Milwaukee; Dr. Winifred Creamer, and Dr. Michael Kolb. Also present at the meeting was Ileana Diaz, Ph.D. student at University of Victoria, BC, Canada, and Connie Moeller, compliance officer at Argonne National Labs. An NIU master's degree can take you far! click for photo

Dr. Mitchell Irwin gave a talk at the Duke Conservation Society 2013 Symposium [click here for website]

Dr. Winifred Creamer was featured in a NIU today article entitled; "Corn was Crop that Powered Rise of Peruvian Civilization 5,000 Years Ago, New Study Finds" [click here for article]

Dr. Dan Gebo has been awarded the Board of Trustees Professorship award for the 2nd time. This is the highest honor NIU awards its faculty.

More Department News from 2002 to present. Click here.

NIU Today featured an article on student Sarah Stebing and Dr. Leila Porter, entitled, "USOAR grants funds serious monkey business" [click here for article]

NIU Today featured an article on Dr. Michael Kolb, entitled, "Provost appoints committee to examine, revise General Education Program across NIU Campus." [click here for article]

NIU Today featured an article on Dr. Leila Porter, entitled "A Monkey's Uncle? Study Focuses on Kinship, Child-rearing practices in unique set of primates. [click here for article]

Anthropology Graduate Student Anthony Tumpag helped create an exhibit of objects he collected and put together by Hao Phan, curator of the Southeast Asia collection at Founders Library, is on display in one of the glass cases this week in front of the Blackhawk cafeteria in the Holmes Student Center. [click here for article]

The New York Times features an article about Corn Mazes with quotes by Dr. Kendall Thu, Chair of the Anthropology Department. The title of the article is "Farmers Find Path Out of Hardship in Corn Mazes"


The exhibit Water for... Life was featured in an article by the Northern Star. [click here]

NIU Today features and article on Rarely Seen Southeast Asia, which opens on 10-11-12 [click here]

Jennifer Kirker Priest and The Anthropology Museum were featured in an article by the DeKalb County Historical Genealogical Society/ Cornsilk. [Click here]

To see photos of the move [click here]

NIU Today features an article on the opening of the new Exhibit in The Anthropology Museum "Rarely Seen Southeast Asia", which starts 10-11-12. [click here]

Graduate Student Ryan Keller has accepted a full scholarship to the Department of Anthropology, University of Auckland, New Zealand. He will be doing a research project and Ph.D. studies addressing food security through an anthropological study of the Goroka fresh food market. The goal of the research is to understand the Goroka market.

Jennifer Kirker Priest and The Anthropology Museum were featured in an article by the DeKalb County Historical Genealogical Society/ Cornsilk. Click here.

Anthropology student Eric Sterling takes the lead in bringing safe and accessible bike paths to the NIU Campus!! Attached are letters from President Peters and Austin Quick.

Masters students Emily Dow and Robert Bulunda visit a Phillippines entertainment show.. They are practicing their Tagalong on this show. Martin Andanar, a Filipino prime-time news anchor set the interview up. He visited NIU in 2009. click here.

Dr. Kristen Borre was interviewed for an article regarding Evan Wittke, an NIU undergrad who named Dr. Borre his favorite teacher. click here

Dr. Michael Kolb and students were featured in an article while on location for the 2012 Summer Field School in Sicily. (The article is in Italian)

Dr. Kendall Thu was featured in an article along with Dr. Melissa Lenczewski in an article on the NIU Today page entitled, Testing the Waters

NIU Undergraduate and graduate students were on hand at the 40th annual Midwest Conference on Andean and Amazonian Archaeology and Ethnohistory (MCAAE) held at the Field Museum, Saturday and Sunday, February 25th and 26th. For Photos and more details, click here.

The Anthropology Museum officially opened on Feb 14th, 2012. Listed below are some articles from the Official Grand Opening on Feb 12th, 2012.


Dr. Giovanni Bennardo attended a conference entitled The Cultural Constitution of Casual Cognition Setting the State for a Cross-Disciplinary Endeavour. Here is the link.

Congratulations to Dr. Susan Russell and Dr. Kendall Thu on becoming the first recipients of the Presidential Engagement Professor Honors.

Dr. Giovanni Bennardo attended a conference entitled The Cultural Constitution of Casual Cognition Setting the State for a Cross-Disciplinary Endeavour. Here is the link.

Dr. Winifred Creamer was featured on an article on the November 13th issue of the daily chronicle. Here is the link

Dr. Andrea Molnar will host a seminar and roundtable titled "Peacebuilding in Conflict Regions in Southeast Asia" on Dec 1, 2011 in Graham Hall Room 334 from 8:30 - 12:00. Flyer Attached

Dr. Dan Gebo gave a talk for the Board of Trustees Professor Seminar on Thursday September 27, 2011. The lecture will be on The Theory of Evolution in a Modern World.

Dr. Giovanni Bennardo earns NSF grant to lead a conference/workshop at NIU: Cultural Models of Nature and the Environment: Space, Self, and Causality. This workshop is sponsered by the NIU Institute for the Study of the Environment, Sustainability, and Energy.

Dr. Susan Russell was featured in an article in NIU Today on Feb. 9th, 2011 titled Filipinos honor NIU's Susan Russell. Full story here.


The Anthropology Museum was featured in an article in Spring/Summer 2010 issue of The Mandala. Click here for the article.

Dr. Kendall Thu speaks about NIU's new academic program! "Going green: new academic program, center to focus on environment." View Video

NIU Alumni Association publication, Northern Now, featured Archaeologist, Dr. Michael Kolb and his students at a dig site in Sicily. Take a look at 'Sicily Rediscovered'

Anthropologist travels to Kenya on Fulbright Scholar grant. Read Article


Anthropologist Susan Russell wins national award for contributions to international education. Read Article


Kendall Thu named editor of national journal in anthropology. Read Article

Dan Gebo, Christine Worobec, Narayan Hosmanenamed 2008 Board of Trustees Professors. Read Article


NIU anthropologist finds cultural emphasis on group over individual might hinder democracy. Read Article

NIU Anthropology Museum debuts new exhibiton post-Khmer Rouge life in Cambodia. Read Article

Kolb-NIU archaeologist, students uncover possible medieval mosque in Sicily. Read Article

Creamer, Ebrahimi, Fehrenbach named 2007 Presidential Research Professors. Read Article


New book by NIU anthropologist sheds light on mystery monkey. Read Article

Roots of civilization in Hawaii to 13th century. Read Article

Anthropology Museum exhibit examines Islam in Southeast Asia. Read Article

Early human ancestors had a wobble in their walk. Read Article


Anthropology museum documents Cambodia's 'killing fields.' Read Article

Field trip is golden for student archaeologists. Read Article


Archaeologists shed new light on Americas' earliest known civilization. Read Article

Professor wins prestigious Fulbright scholarship. Read Article

Anthropologist examines cultural models in democratic movements. Read Article

In Search of the Lost City of Alica. Read Article

Congo Exhibit Highlights Anthropology Museum. Read Article


Archaeologists studying site where ancient spear point was discovered. Read Article

Archaeologists harvest past from Yorkville cornfield. Read Article

Anthropologist sinks teeth into study of how primates grow up. Read Article

Icon discovery pushes back Andean religion by a millennium. Read Article


Keeping the Game Close. Read Article

The Smallest Primates. Read Article

Anthropology Professor wins prestigious Fulbright scholarship. Read Article


Americas' oldest pyramids, cities. Read Article

Flesh and Bone. Read Article


Researchers discover fossils of tiny, thumb-length primates. Read Article

Newly discovered fossils from China shed light on common ancestry of monkeys, apes and humans. Read Article

NIU Professor Winifred Creamer named YWCA Outstanding Woman Leader in DuPage.