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Fish swimming
Fish swimming over a bed of gravel melted away
from the base of the ice.
(Credit: Deep-SCINI UNL-Andrill SMO

fish in the grounding zone
A fish swims into view in the grounding zone region.

Ross and Reed with crew
Ross Powell with Reed Scherer (holding camera) and WISSARD team members (Credit: WISSARD)

Ross on location
Ross Powell (Credit: WISSARD)

Reed with sample
NIU geologist Reed Scherer holds up a sediment sample
(Credit: WISSARD)

Reed and Jason
NIU geologist Reed Scherer and graduate student Jason Coenen (Credit: WISSARD)

Co-Chiefs and NSF
(left to right) Paul Cutler of the National Science Foundation (NSF),
WISSARD chief scientist Ross Powell,
co-chief scientist Slawek Tulaczyk,
Lisa Clough of NSF and co-chief scientist John Priscu.
(Credit: Reed Scherer, Northern Illinois University)

A group photo showing some of the WISSARD science team members, shortly after arriving to conduct field operations. (Credit: Julie Raine)

A view of the undisturbed bottom from the deep field using "the Doctor" camera. (Credit: WISSARD)

Rebecca Puttkammer
Rebecca Puttkammer (Credit: WISSARD)

Ross Ice Shelf
WISSARD Grounding Zone Investigation (credit: Rachel Xidis, NIU)

Antarctic Map
WISSARD Drill Site at Ross Ice Shelf in Antacrtic

NIU geology department students and faculty participating in the WISSARD project include (left to right) Ph.D. candidate Tim Hodson, chief scientist Ross Powell, scientist Reed Scherer and graduate students Jason Coenen and Rebecca Puttkammer. (Credit: WISSARD)

Powell and Hodson
NIU professor Ross Powell and Ph.D. student Tim Hodson look over sediment cores in the lab. (Credit: WISSARD)

Scherer, Puttkammer and Coenen
NIU professor Reed Scherer (right) working in the lab with graduate students Rebecca Puttkammer and Jason Coenen. (Credit: WISSARD)

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