Adult Learners - Resources


Request Information
Contact NIU Outreach today to find out how we can help. We can provide advice, answer your questions, or direct you to the advisors or departments you need.

Tuition and Fees
Find information on the costs associated with the courses you want to take. You can view costs associated with each semester of the academic year.

Off-Campus Course Search
Search the courses available at NIU's off-campus locations. You can search all courses, online, or by location at NIU's three regional centers in Naperville, Hoffman Estates, and Rockford as well as at community colleges throughout the region.

Online Course Catalog
Find a listing of the courses NIU offers online. You can search by semester, college, or level (undergraduate or graduate).

Undergraduate Offerings
Find the programs NIU offers to help you start or complete your bachelor's degree. You can search by program, location, or by the associate degree you have earned.

Graduate Offerings
Find the programs NIU offers to help you earn a master degree or doctorate. You can search by program or location. 

Off-Campus Programs
Find detailed information on the programs NIU offers at off-campus locations.

Financial Aid
Get information from the Student Financial Aid Department on how to apply for financial aid, fill out FAFSAs, and find scholarships.

Apply to NIU
Get information from NIU's Admissions Department on the process of applying for undergraduate and graduate courses at the university. This site contains links to the documentation and forms you will need to begin your application.