MyNIU Access

How to Access MyNIU

Sign in to MyNIU with your AccountID/Z-ID and password.

Your AccountID/Z-ID is assigned to you when you submit an application for admissions consideration to NIU.
An example looks like z954321.

To look up your AccountID/Z-ID

  • Find Your Student Z-ID and Password
  • Click on the Directory link
  • Enter your last name on the Last Name field
  • Click Next - you'll see your name and your AccountID/Z-ID

Your Temporary Password

  • Your initial password is your date of birth in YYYYMmmDD format. 
  • Mmm is the first 3 character of the Month
    • January = "Jan", February = "Feb", etc
  • Example: January 1, 1987 = 1987Jan01

Allows 3 grace login sessions

Change your temporary password to a permanent password.