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Perspectives on Disability (MOOC)

Perspectives on Disability (MOOC)

NIU offered its first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), “Perspectives on Disability,” during Fall 2013. Led by College of Health and Human Sciences professor Greg Long, a Presidential Teaching Professor in the School of Allied Health and Communicative Disorders, the 10-week experience was a streamlined version of the for-credit AHRS 200, a general education course entitled “Disability in Society.”

The course ran from early September to late November. Nearly 800 individuals enrolled for the course. Participants who finished the course requirements received certificates of completion. In addition, Illinois teachers were able to earn Continuing Professional Development Units.

Although the course is over, the course materials, including lesson videos, are available via Blackboard CourseSites, a free online course system noted for its accessibility.

Week 1 Course overview, values, and pretest

Week 2 Perceiving and defining disability

Week 3 Language, media, and the arts

Week 4 Stereotypes and attitudes

Week 5 Response and adaptation to disability

Week 6 Education—Public schools (K-12)

Week 7 Education—Post-secondary (college)

Week 8 Community and independent living

Week 9 Employment

Week 10 Summary and solutions

Wrap Up