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Additional Considerations

Addendums to Part I and Part II

If the applicant pool is insufficient and needs to be expanded, or all alternate candidates decline interviews or selected candidates decline interviews or offer then an addendum is required for the Affirmative Action Hiring Record, Part I or Part II.
  • Cover page with signatures and attached memo.
  • Written correspondence to and/or from the applicant confirming withdrawal of their application and/or declining the interview (Part I) or offer (Part II).

Failed Searches

Prior to Advertisement Posting


After an Advertisement Posted

  • Department must submit an Affirmative Action Recruitment Record Part I with the appropriate signatures
  • Candidates must be informed that the search has been closed with a formal letter.


After Approval of Part I

  • Department must complete Affirmative Action Recruitment Record Part II is required with the necessary approvals

After Approval of Part II

  • Department must submit an Addendum to Affirmative Action and Equity Compliance
  • Submit all correspondence from candidates.