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The purpose of this program is to assist the university in maintaining a consistent Asian American enrollment that focuses on retention and graduation by providing students with a support system that is based on a one-on-one interactive relationship between upper-class Asian American students and Asian American freshman and transfer students. The Ohana Peer Program will help those students to adjust to college life and to help them succeed.

What is a Mentor?

A Mentor is a continuing student at Northern Illinois University who has a sincere desire to help first-year and transfer student transition to college life.

Role of a Mentor

  • Provide information on Northern Illinois University services and resources
  • Encourage active involvement in student activities and organizations
  • Serve as positive role model for Protégé
  • Share experiences and knowledge you have gained as a student at Northern Illinois University

Who are the Protégés?

A Protégé is a new or transfer student who decides to obtain extra personal and academic assistance from an experienced upper classman.