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A successful audition is required for admission as a music major to all undergraduate programs and most graduate specializations. Auditionees must demonstrate music literacy through sight-reading, aural comprehension, and pitch-matching.

Individuals who have difficulty reading music due to a diagnosed medical condition (e.g., dyslexia, ADHD) must still demonstrate this competency at the time of the audition. Auditionees who have low vision may request large-print materials in advance of the audition. Auditionees who are blind must be proficient in Braille music notation.

Information for Jazz Studies Majors

With the exception of guitar majors, students anticipating entry into the jazz studies alternative should expect to audition using classical literature as well as providing a demonstration of current jazz skills. Students will be admitted to the program only after successfully completing an audition with the appropriate jazz and classical faculty member(s). All jazz studies majors must notify us that they will be playing a jazz audition since many jazz auditions are held on a private basis.