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The Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

Volume II, Section B Data and Reports

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B. 2008 Longitudinal Faculty Follow Up and Feedback Summary

B. 2008a
B. 2008b
B. 2008c
B. 2008d
B. 2008e
B. 2008f 

B.0. Portfolio Final Write Up, Table, Chart

B.1. Self Perceptions of Competency Faculty, Final Write Up

B.2. Program Content Knowledge Assessments Faculty

B.2.a. Program Orientation Concepts
B.2.b. Course Analysis
B.2.c. Student Learning Outcomes
B.2.d. Test Analysis
B.2.e. Performance Assessment
B.2.f. Educational Research

B.3. Program Feedback and Evaluation

B.3.a. Summary 
B.3.b. Final Program Feedback and Evaluation -12-06
B.3.c. Final Program Feedback and Evaluation - 05-06
B.3.d. Performance Assessment 
B.3.e. Test Development
B.3.f. Student Learning Outcomes
B.3.g. Course and Test Analysis
B.3.h. Teaching and Learning Analysis
B.3.i. Orientation 

B.4. End-of-Course Teaching and Learning Questionnaire and Standard Evaluations

End of Course Student Questionnaire on Teaching & Learning 
Traditional End-of-Course Evaluation (NIU)
Teaching & Learning Questionnaire

B.5. Course Analysis Introduction

B.5.a.1. Faculty Sample 1
B.5.a.2. Faculty Sample 2
B.5.a.3. Faculty Sample 3

B.5.b. Instructional GAPS Analysis Summary Charts/Student Learning Outcomes

B.5.b.1 Faculty Sample 1
B.5.b.2. Faculty Sample 2
B.5.b.3. Faculty Sample 3

B.6. Test Analysis & Development

B.7. Student Learning Outcomes

B.7.a.1. ABET Engineering Student Learning Outcomes Bloom and Dale Analysis
B.7.a.2. ABET/TAC/NAIT Engineering and Industrial Technology Student Learning Outcomes Bloom and Dale Analysis
B.7.b.1. Faculty Sample 1
B.7.b.2. Faculty Sample 2
B.7.b.3. Faculty Sample 3
B.7.b.4. Faculty Sample 4

B.8. Course Content Schedule with Teaching and Learning Analysis

B.9. Multifaceted Student Assessment Explanation and Summary

B.9.a. Test Analysis and Development
B.9.b. Performance Assessment
B.9.c. Midterm and Final Exam - Performance Assessment Correlation
B.9.d. Professor Assessment Diagnostic Write-ups
B.9.e. Learning Outcomes to Assessments Analysis - Faculty Examples 1-5

B.10. 2005-2006 Syllabus Evaluation and Summary

B.11. Models of Teaching Summary

B.11.a. Models of Teaching Group Implementation Summary
B.11.b. Model of Teaching Summary Table - Individual Responses
B.11.c. GAPS Analysis Summary (also, in B.5.b)

B.12. Professors' Classroom Research

B.13. Research (or Implementation) Manuscript Reviews

B.13.a. Professor Draft Manuscript
B.13.b. Professor Draft Manuscript
B.13.c. Professor Draft Manuscript
B.13.d. Professor Draft Manuscript
B.13.e. Professor Draft Manuscript
B.13.f. Professor Draft Manuscript
B.13.g. Professor Draft Manuscript

B.14. Biographies