Pradip Majumdar

Professor and Chair, Mechanical Engineering
Tel: 815-753-9970


B.S, Mechanical Engineering. B.E College, University of Calcutta, Calcutta, India, 1975; M.S, Mechanical and Aerospace Eng., (1980); Ph.D, Mechanical Engineering, (1986), Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois.

Teaching Experience

Thermodynamics, Fluid mechanics, Heat Transfer, Design of Thermal Systems, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Methods, Fuel Cell, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Experimental Methods.

Research Interests

Thermo-fluid Sciences, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Heat Transfer; Fuel Cell Energy and Battery Storage system, Solar Thermal Energy Systems; Hydrogen storage; Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Media; Micro-Nanoscale Fluid Flow and Heat transfer; High Heat Flux Electronics Cooling, High Energy Laser Material Processing, CFD Analysis of Scour Formation, Blood flow in human arteries and stent design, and laser heating and treatments of biological tissues and tumors.

Work Experience

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering College of Department of Mechanical Engineering College of Engineering and Technology, Northern Illinois University (1985-Present)
  • Dept. of Industry and Technology, Northern Illinois University (1984-1985)
  • Design Engineer in Kuljian Corporation (Consulting Engineers for Nuclear Plant) 1975-77.

Professional Associations and Honors

  • Member of ASME technical committee on Computational Heat Transfer, Heat Transfer in Electronics Cooling and Energy Systems.
  • Session chair and organizer of many ASME conference sessions on micro-nanoscale heat transfer, Electronics cooling; Computational fluid dynamics and Heat Transfer, and Fuel cell.
  • Guest Editor for Journal of Electronics Manufacturing.
  • Editor-in Chief, WSEAS Transactions of Fluid Mechanics, International Journal, 2011-present
  • Guest editor for Biennial issue on Advances in Electronics Cooling, Journal of electronics Manufacturing, 1998-2003
  • Editor for the special issue on Electronics Cooling, Journal of Electronics Manufacturing, World Scientific Publishing Co., Vol. 7, No. 2, 1997
  • 2008 CEET Faculty of the Year Award for excellence in Undergraduate Education.
  • Nominated for the CEET faculty of the year award in 2000 and 1992.

Selected Publications


  • Majumdar, P., Computational Methods for Heat and Mass Transfer, Taylor & Francis/CRC Press, 2005.
  • Majumdar, P., Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Turbulent Flows, Book Chapter-9, Computational Fluid Dynamics Technologies and Applications, pp. 255-294, Intech publisher, 2011.

Selected Recent Refereed Articles

  • Adam Fain, Scott Downing and Pradip Majumdar, Improved Cooling of Electromagnetics by Directed Air Flow, paper submitted to ASME 2013 International Technical Conference and Exhibition on Packaging and Integration of Electronic and Photonic Microsystems (InterPACK 2013), July 2013.
  • Krishnashis Chatterjee, Pradip Majumdar, David Schroeder and S. Rao Kilaparti, Experimental Analysis of Li-Ion Battery Characteristics and Thermal Behavior for Application in Hybrid Locomotives, Paper submitted to ASME Heat Transfer Conference, July, 2013
  • Shafiullah Mohammad and Pradip Majumdar, Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Blood Flow through Stented Arteries, Paper submitted to ASME International Mechanical; Engineering Congress & Exposition (IMECE 2013), November, 2013.
  • Chris Edwards, Steven A. Lottes and Pradip Majumdar, Three-dimensional Mesh Morphing Methodology for Scouring around Bridge Piers Based on Computational Fluid Dynamic Solution, Paper Submitted to ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, IMECE 2013.
  • Pradip Majumdar and Satish K. Penmetsa, Solid Oxide Fuel Cell: Design, Materials and Transport Phenomena, Journal of Nanomaterials and Energy, pp. 247-264, 2012
  • Sarang Subhedar, Pradip Majumdar Rao Kilaparti and David Schroeder, Duty Cycle and Transport Phenomenon Analysis of battery Storage System for Hybrid Locomotive Application, Proceedings of the 6th Annual ASME Rail Transportation Division Fall Technical Conference,Omaha, Nebraska, Paper No: RTDF2012- 9444, 2012
  • Andrew Arendas, Pradip Majumdar, S. Rao Kilaparti and David Schroeder, Experimental Investigation of the Thermal Characteristics of Li-Ion Battery for Use in Hybrid Locomotives, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Renewable Energy Generation and Applications, Al Ain, UAE, 2012.
  • Pradip Majumdar, Satish Kumar Penmetsa and David Schroeder, Simulation Analysis of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell for Operations at high Current Densities, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Renewable Energy: generation and Applications, Al Ain, UAE, 2012.
  • Jalaj Bidawai, Pradip Majumdar, David Schroeder and Kilaparti Rao, Electrochemical and Thermal Run away analysis of Lithium-Ion Battery for Hybrid Locomotive, proceedings of the 2012 ASME Summer Heat Transfer Conference, July 2012.
  • Phani Elapolu, Pradip Majumdar, Steve Lottes and Milivoje Kostic, Development of a Three-Dimensional Iterative Methodology for Flow Scouring around Bridge Piers, Proceedings of the 2012 ASME Summer heat Transfer Conference, July 2012.
  • Boddu, R, U. K. Marupakula, B. Summers and Pradip Majumdar,Development of bipolar plates with different channel configurations for fuel cells, Journal of Power Sources, Vol.189, pp. 1083-1092, 2009.
  • Boddu, R and P. Majumdar, Computational Flow Analysis of Bi-polar Plate for Fuel Cells, ASME Journal of Fuel Cell Science and Technology, Vol.8, No.4. 2008
  • Kalisik, T and Pradip Majumdar, A Thermal Conductivity Model for Micro-Nanoscale Diamond Thin Film Using Dispersion Curve Data, IEEE Transactions on Components and Packaging Technology, Vol. 30, No. 4, pp. 683-690, 2007.
  • Majumdar, P and H. Xia, A Green's Function Model for the Analysis of L Heating of Materials, Journal of Applied Mathematical Modeling, 2006
  • Majumdar, P., R. Jayaramachandran and Ganesan, Finite element analysis of temperature rise in metal cutting processes, Applied Thermal Engineering, 25, pp.2152 -2168, 2005.
  • Todd Kalisik, Pradip Majumdar and John Shaffer, Comparison of Scattering Rates and Thermal Conductivity in Diamond Using Dispersion Curve Data, Proceedings of 2005 Heat Transfer Conference, Paper No. HT2005- 72557, 2005.
  • Majumdar, Pradip and Prasanta Deb,Computational Analysis of Turbulent Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Over an Array of Heated Modules Using Turbulence Models, Journal of Numerical heat Transfer, Vol. 43, No. 7, pp. 669- 692, 2003.
  • Wang, H and P. Majumdar, Estimation of Absorbed Surface Heat Flux at Material Surface Subjected to a High Energy Laser Beam Using Inverse Technique, Proceedings of the 18 National and 7th ISHMT-ASME Heat and Mass Transfer Conference, 993-1000, 2006.
  • Kasula Bhavani and Pradip Majumdar, Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Melting in an Alloy Irradiated with a High Energy Laser Beam, Proceedings of the IMECE, Paper NO: IMECE2003-43688, pp. 1-8, 2003.
  • Majumdar, Pradip and Prasanta Deb, Computational Analysis of Turbulent Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Over an Array of Heated Modules Using Turbulence Models, Journal of Numerical heat Transfer, Vol. 43, No. 7, pp. 669- 692, 2003.

Research Projects

DOT Fuel Cell Project, DOE Project on Energy Storage for Railroad Applications;DOE Project on Experimental and Computational Thermal Analysis and Emission Reduction of Diesel Engines; DOT-ANL project on Computational Fluid Dynamics for Open Channel Flow and Bridge Hydraulics Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Turbulent Free Surface Flow; DOT-ANL project on Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Scouring under bridges and around Bridge Piers; Hamilton-Sundstrand/UTC project on Two Phase Flow and Heat Transfer in electronics cooling; Hamilton-Sundstrand/UTC project on Trapped Air in Cooling and Hydraulic Systems; Hamilton-Sundstrand/UTC project on Air Cooling of Rotating Annular Channel; Elgin-Sweeper project on CFD analysis and development of Centrifugal Pumps; Shimizu-Argonne project on Heat and Mass Transport in Nuclear Containment Structures.

Organizer of International Workshop and Conferences

  • Member of International Advisory Board, International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering and Interdisciplinary - ICAMEI-2012, December, Kolaghat, 2012
  • Organizer of International Workshop on Advances in Small Scale Heat exchangers and Fuel Cell Thermal Management for Process, IT and Energy Industries, January 2010, IIT, Delhi (NSF Supported).
  • Organizer of International workshop on Engineering Fundamentals and Applications of Fuel Cells, Kolkata, India, January 2008 (NSF Supported)

Organizer and Chair of Conference Sessions:

Conference Organizer/Chair for many ASME Heat transfer conferences, InterPack conference, ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE).

Short Courses Taught

  • Laser Materials Processing: A Manufacturing Tool and its Optimization, Offered at Tata Research Development and Design Center, Pune, India, April, 1996.
  • Heat Transfer with an Emphasis on Free Convection and Applications in Electronic Devices Offered at WESTEL Corporation, Aurora, December 1995.
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Offered at Bergstrom Manufacturing Co,Rockford.